Yoga Articles

7 Yoga Mistakes That Raise Your Risk of Injury

Yoga injuries are all too common, but they don’t have to be. Align yourself with these 7 protective tips. - Rodale’s Organic Life, September 2016

Yoga Meets Religion, Spirituality in Four New Books

These four titles explore different aspects of the ways yoga interacts and intersects with religion and spiritual life. - Publishers Weekly Online, July 31, 2014

7 Amazing Prenatal Yoga Benefits

From your physical body to your emotional state, prenatal yoga is a key ingredient to a healthy, happy pregnancy.  -, March 2014

12 Celebrities Who Love Prenatal Yoga      

Hollywood has gotten the memo: Prenatal yoga is a great way to stay fit, calm, and balanced during pregnancy.  -, March 2014  

Can Yoga Help Relieve Back Pain in Pregnancy?

In a word -- absolutely! Read on to learn how yoga can bring strength and flexibility to your body and mind, relieving back pain in the process.
-, March 2014

Is Strength the Highest Virtue in Healing Lower Back Pain?

Make sure your muscles are as strong as they are long when you take to the yoga mat to heal lower back pain. elephant journal, February 2014

Exercises to Relieve New-Mom Backache

Just because you've got a baby on your hip doesn't mean you should endure lower back pain. Get your balance back with these self-assessment tools and simple strategies for strength and, January 2014

5 Healing Ways to Approach Lower Back Pain

Yoga is a powerful healing practice for lower back issues, and its benefits can be enhanced if you bring focused intention and a wellness-based mindset to the mat. Try these five simple ways to think in a healing way about lower back pain., November 2013

Yoga: Highway Out of the Lower Back Danger Zone

With apologies to Kenny Loggins, the lower back is our most injury-prone "danger zone," the strength and flexibility regular yoga practice brings to our bodies is the highway out—even and especially in those pesky everyday actions that can lay us flat if we do them “wrong.” Here are 5 of the worst offenders. elephant journalOctober 2013